LEAD C3 240MMX3MX1.32MM 11KG


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LEAD C3 240MMX3MX1.32MM 11KG
Why lead is material of choice in the construction industry?
Density: The high density of lead is very effective in shielding against Gamma and X-Ray radiation.

Durable: Lead flashings rolls are a highly durable product performing for up to 100 years or more in roofing applications. It consistently outperforms man-made roofing and cladding solutions.

Continuity: A lead flashing roll used for roofing and cladding has a successful background of 1000 of years under all sorts of climatic conditions. Today, lead has not been taken by any new products and we still use it to restore and retain traditional heritage buildings.

Environmental credentials: At Midland Lead, we manufacture 99.9 % pure lead, is 100% recyclable material and retains its original qualities when reused. Thus, it is considered one of the greenest building products available with a significantly lower carbon footprint than many alternatives.

Long life span: A lead sheet last three times longer than manmade materials and makes it a good insulation product.

Weatherproof: Lead provides an impressive barrier.

Easy to use: Because lead is malleable, lead can be rolled to almost any desired lead thickness to serve construction industry. Lead is a prefabricated material; site work can be carried out without causing delay to contractors.