Prefab Timber Wall Frames, Roof Trusses & Beams

Most of Australia’s leading homebuilders have adopted prefabricated frames and wall trusses as their standard method of construction.

Successful builders know how the benefits of flexible design, speedy construction strength and reliability that only come with engineered building products. Prefabricated wall frames and roof trusses are manufactured under factory conditions, so that on-site construction time is reduced, which makes supervision easier and ensuring that tight construction schedules are met. Costly mistakes and delays due to wet weather are avoided.

In the current competitive home building market, the versatility and superior strength of roof truss construction can eliminate the need for load bearing internal walls. This reduces building costs in most cases as fewer stumps and less reinforcement to concrete slabs is required. Future alterations are also easier and less costly, so internal walls can be relocated without the need for major structural change.

Ask your building consultant or architect to take advantage of the many benefits of prefabricated frames and trusses in your next project.

MULTI-STRUT JOISTS economically provide uniform long spans, coupled with light weight construction, that are easy to handle and easy to place and fix.

The long spans achieved by MULTI-STRUT JOISTS have been made possible through the composite action of steel webs and timberchords.

MULTI-STRUT JOISTS are ideally suited for domestic floor construction and may also be used for commercial work as floor joists, rafters, purlins and girts.

Their ability to make use of small timber sections in lieu of solid timber joists provides not only an economical design for the builder, but also an environmentally conservative product.

Features & Benefits

The benefits to be achieved from the use of MULTI-STRUT JOISTS over other systems are wide ranging.

MULTI-STRUT JOISTS do not need site preparation and are never out of true because they are precision manufactured under factory conditions. When delivered to the site they are ready for fast, easy installation. All MULTI-STRUT JOISTS are manufactured with sufficient camber to ensure that when installed the loaded shape retains a small upwards curvature.

MULTI-STRUT JOISTS can be used for long spans and cantilevers often longer than the spans achievable with solid joists of the same depth. Depending on the timber grade and overall depth selected spans up to 7m can be catered for. The stiffness of floors formed by using MULTI-STRUT JOISTS is consistent with that of floors framed in solid timber.

MULTI-STRUT JOISTS are easy to handle. Due to their lightness one person can carry two MULTI-STRUT JOISTS of the length commonly used in domestic construction and they can usually be positioned individually without use of a crane.

No cutting or docking of MULTI-STRUT JOISTS is required so erection time is reduced. Plus, Multi-Strut Joists can be used with normal flooring and ceiling materials and fixed by existing trades people, using current tools, fixings and methods for solid timber joists.

The wide top and bottom chords (70mm or 90mm) of the MULTI-STRUT JOISTS make fixing of flooring and ceiling materials simple and fast without the need for additional battens. Spacing can be at 450mm or 600mm.

Because of the open web design building services such as plumbing, electrical, air conditioning etc, can be run between the chords without the need for drilling, notching or cutting. This gives significant savings in construction time and costs.

MULTI-STRUT JOISTS can reduce on site timber losses due to theft or mistakes because they are delivered fully assembled when the building is at the stage of their installation.

MULTI-STRUT JOISTS shown in our floor truss manuals are designed to carry normal domestic live loads as well as the loads from flooring and ceiling materials. Multinail engineering can provide special designs for commercial or non-residential applications.

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