RP123 Door Bottom Seal


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RP123 Door Bottom Seal

RP123 Door Bottom Bronze Anodised 915mm RP123 is a co-polymer, door bottom weather seal with a concealed fix aluminium threshold plate. RP123 easily fits to the bottom of a door where maximum weather protection is required.

Quick and easy to install to both door and sill. RP123 is fitted to the square cut bottom of a door provided there is a gap of 19 - 20mm for a flat sill or 12 - 13mm for a rebated sill prior to installation.

Suits Door Types
Double Outward Opening, Single Inward Opening, Single Outward Opening, Door Bottom Seal, Double Inward Opening
Tools Required
Circular saw, drill, screwdriver, wood chisel, scissors, utility knife, sharp file & small hammer