Did you know that we are the only distributor of Midland Lead in Victoria? One of the few lead sheet manufacturers able to produce lead rolls as thin as Code 1, 0.44mm (point 44 of a millimetre) up to Code 8, 3.55mm (three point five five millimetres) making it suitable for weather and soundproofing, radiation shielding and roof flashing. Special sizes of lead sheet ideal for bespoke buildings, soundproofing or radiation shielding can be ordered. Midland’s Radiation board is available in various sizes and thicknesses and ideal for X-Ray rooms especially useful when upgrading to multi-slice in an existing C.T room.

We also carry Midlands full range of ancillary products for the building industry and specialist lead working tools to enable lead to be used to its best advantage. Other products include Architectural lead work and hand crafted planter boxes. Specialist lead casting is available for boat keels, lift weights, sacrificial anodes, lead plugs and anything else you need. And of course we also supply Midland’s lead equivalent glass, lead lined doors and mobile lead screens for x-ray applications. Excellent for Theatre, Chiropractic and Veterinary clinics.